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Max Bernier, People's Party of Canada Speech Edmonton March 2019

Published on 22 Mar 2019 / In Film & Animation

Mad Max, Maxime Bernier leader of the People's Party of Canada, PPC, spoke in Edmonton, Alberta regarding the future of Canada. He spoke about pipelines, equalization formula, immigration, inflation, etc, to a standing room only, cheering crowd. Cheers, Ron Vaillant.

Points of Interest on Timeline.

0 PPC Beginnings
3:40 PPC Foundation Principles
4:45 Supply Management
5:45 Pipelines and Equalization
20:15 I Am Not Afraid
21:08 Paris Accord, Carbon Tax
23:01 Equalization Formula
31:28 Lib / Con Party. Immigration
34:45 Unity Is Our Strength
36:40 CPC, Intellectually and Morally Corrupt
38:45 Corporate Welfare
40:05 Lower Taxes
41:40 UN Is A Dysfunctional Organization - Standing Ovation
42:32 Axe CBC - Standing Ovation
44:45 SNC Lavalin, Crony Capitalism
49:44 PPC Candidates, We Can Win
58:40 Muslim Vote Buying
1:01:20 No Indentity Politics

Questions From Audience.
1:03:38 Trudeau Should Be In Jail
1:04:18 Government Looking At Our Banking Records
1:05:12 MPs Having Fixed Terms
1:05:50 Max Move To Another Riding, Supply Management
1:07:18 PPC EDA And Organization
1:08:48 Veteran’s Affairs
1:08:44 DPA Legislation Repeal
1:10:20 Indigenous Affairs, Property Rights On Reserves, Indian Act
1:11:18 Electoral Reform
1:12:48 Max, A Breath Of Fresh Air
1:13:30 Non Confidence Vote
1:14:44 Thankful for Max.
1:15:08 Bill C 76 Voting Bill
1:17:11 Bank Of Canada, Canadian Debt, O Interest Rate
1:20:07 UN, Paris Accord, Human Rights, Compact On Migration
1:22:04 Abolish The Monarch
1:22:46 Vote Splitting
1:26:37 Rebel Media, Concealed Carry Gun Policy
1:28:35 Canadian Birth Rate, PPC Lower Taxes
1:29:52 Politician Corruption
1:32:02 Father Concerned About Radical Changes
1:34:07 Life Long NDPer To Vote PPC, Justice System Streamlining
1:36:15 Senators In Waiting
1:37:14 Rural Crime, Property Rights, Capital Gain Taxes, Immigration
1:40:59 Rebel Media Report On Anti Oil Person Hired By PPC
1:41:58 New PPC Member, Weaponized Education System
1:44:22 Mad Max Poster By Child, Freedom Of Speech
1:46:18 Immigration Reform, Sanctuary Cities
1:48:22 War On Canadian Heritage, National Anthem, 10 Dollar Bill
1:15:17 Bill C16, Transgender Ideology
1:52:00 Immigration Moratorium
1:53:34 Sharia Law
1:53:47 Sold Out UN Globalist Politicians
1:55:35 Free Trade, China, Protectionism
Whew, A Lot Of Great Questions.

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